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Thread: Anyone got fallow in suffolk/ norfolk

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    Anyone got fallow in suffolk/ norfolk

    Hi i would like to have a go at a fallow. I'm happy with a cull animal. I don't want to travel to far so I wondered what is available in my local area.

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    try elveden est they have fallow not sure if they let it to clients though a few spill into Euston who do take clients

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    Try jim@dvgm on here. He may be able to help.


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    Elveden don't let their stalking..... FC may be able to help or he basc scheme if you're a member...
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    Matey that posts on here from Glemham Hall would almost certainly have fallow.

    I don't whether he takes clients for them mind you.

    I think his name on here is stalkinginengland.

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    Mark Howard, stalking in England does take out clients and a good host you will have a good day out and he won't lift your leg either Atb Wayne
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