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Thread: Minsterly ranges toady 5th August

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    Minsterly ranges toady 5th August

    Going down minsterly ranges today, last minute shoot. Anybody who wants to get a muzzel velocity reading, I will have a magneto speed chronograph there. So feel free to come and have a chat.


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    It's a few years since I went there with a group of lads from another internet forum about 2006/7 I think.

    The place was looking a bit shabby, the shop and cafe closed and opening hours had been curtailed due to noise complaints compared wit the previous year when we went and the shop was well stocked, cafe and ranges full of punters.

    We did have a great day but it was sad to see the decline of what was a great facility - which are few and far between.

    Please let me know what it's like and range costs / facilities open etc.

    PM me if appropriate

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    I was there last Thursday with my son, i have been a member there for over 20 years now and have seen the firing point on the 100m range gradually decay to the sorry state it is in now.
    It rained all day which rendered half of the benches unusable due to water pouring in through leaks in the roof onto the benches and creating several puddles on the rubber matting.
    The complex is now promoting its new practical airsoft, air rifle and field target ranges recently built, money which i think could have been better spent on maintaining their bread and butter facilities.


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    it was once a top venue and i used to travel down from durham once a month sometimes more but last time i went i was shocked to see the shop with hardly anything in it.
    never waste time and effort to visit again.....

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