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Thread: Hausken JD224 moderator/calibre change

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    Hausken JD224 moderator/calibre change

    Question for ye lads

    I have a Hausken JD224 Hunter mod for a 6.5 bored rifle which I've been using on my .223. Next year I'm planning on applying for a deer licence, and a deer-legal calibre rifle also. I'll be looking for a second-hand rifle, and I was wondering, if I found a tasty rifle at a decent price in a calibre bigger than 6.5, could I have the mod bored out on a lathe in an engineering workshop to accept the larger calibre, or would that be a seriously bad idea?

    I've taken the mod apart, and to my (non-engineering background) eyes it doesn't look like reaming off a fraction of a mm would cause any changes, either to the proper functioning of the mod, or from a health and safetly point of view, so long as it was done by serious professionals, obviously.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Just to add to the above, the other cals I'd be particularly interested in are 25-06 (6.53mm) and .260 (6.7mm). So we are talking about pretty small differences here.

    One possible drawback that occurs to me is that these mods are hard anodised, so taking off a skin would leave the softer aluminium underneath exposed, possibly affecting longevity.
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    I actually rang the main dealer for Hausken mods here in Ireland, and he assured me that the 6.5 Hausken is perfect for 25-06 and .260, so happy days - at least now I won't be quite so limited when looking for a second hand rifle. I'd really like another Sako if possible, so that in itself will narrow things down a fair bit.

    (This this thread turned out to be something of a dialogue with myself in the end, but at least I got the answers I needed!)

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    What is the exit hole diameter ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markfox View Post
    What is the exit hole diameter ?
    7.5mm, so plenty big enough for 25-06 and .260

    Hausken JD224 - RUAG Ammotec UK Ltd

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