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Thread: Vortex Scope caps

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    Vortex Scope caps

    Like many I am sick to the back teeth of butler creek scope caps breaking and generally not being fit for purpose. I am not a fan of the bikini style caps that come with most scopes as I find them clumsy. I have tried attaching them to the scope so I don't leave them up the high seat or on range floor at the shot site. But even then the flappy rubber bands catch on foliage. I bought a set of tenebrex scope covers for a Schmidt PM11 not much change from 80. Good quality but of kit but limited by the fixings on what scopes they fit. I needed some for a Zeiss V8, I know zeiss produce aluminium objective covers but didn't want to attach a lever onto the end of my scope that would transfer stress if it was caught up on anything or hit when open.

    I came across the Defender caps from Vortex a few weeks ago. They looked good and less than half the price of the tenebrex I thought they were worth a go. I ordered a set from here Vortex Defender Flip Caps

    When they showed up the very next day, I was very impressed by the quality construction. The hinges were equal to the tenebrex. They stay shut and open easily unlike the butler creek. I like the fact that they fold flat when open so not to extend your silhouette, especially when shooting off sticks.

    The best bit is they have a life time guarantee. I don't think I will need to use it but it's reassuring to know. I have at least 3 snapped butler creek caps floating about and hate to think how much money I wasted on them. The hinges are build to last as you can see compared to the butler creek.
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    Do these fit makes of scope other than Vortex? I could do with some for my Bushnell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VSS View Post
    Do these fit makes of scope other than Vortex? I could do with some for my Bushnell.
    Yes, I have a set on my S&B 1.5-6x42 Flashdot. A mate has a set on a Nightforce scope. The attachment 'ring' is rubber and very stretchy. They come in three sizes which fit a wide range of eye & objective lens diameters. They really are excellent value for money and vastly superior to the current Butler Creek offering.

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    I see from the website link given by the OP that the eyepiece cover won't fit the 1" tubed Viper models. Do you think it'll fit 1" tubed scopes of other makes?

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    I measured my objective bell and eye piece to make sure of fit.
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    Thanks for posting, I have a new vortex 1 inch 4-12 X 40 AO diamond back that I am hoping I can get a set for.

    The modern Butler creeks that are being produced now are made from a plastic of such poor quality that the company should be ashamed of it self. In actual fact I suspect that they are probably selling more than ever as the covers only last a few outings before self destructing..... and there arnt that many alternatives to choose from.

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    Bought mine a couple of months ago as like most I was sick to death of the piss poor quality of Butler Creeks which incidentally used to be good.
    The Vortex seem to be very good indeed

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    i have the objective ones on my two bushnell 4-14x44 ultra hds,did have the ocular ones as well,but sent them back as when you went to open them they used to slide up over(bit to big),even though according to the website they were supposed to fit,i suppose thats just down to having the nominated sizes rather than the actual size,however the objectives are fine

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    Ive recently bought a set of these for my Vortex scope.. like with all there products I'm impressed with the quality.

    I also like the D.O.P.E card in the eye cup cap. good for quick reference in the field for range.

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    Reckon everyone must've gone out and bought them after reading this thread - I have left it a bit late, as all the UK stockists I've looked at now show "sold out" for the 50mm objective cap. There was plenty in stock last time I looked, but for one reason and another I never got around to placing the order

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