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Thread: Servicing Of Bino's

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    Servicing Of Bino's

    Anyone here had any experience of sending their Swarovski's back for repair? More interested in how long it took from sending off to getting them back as I am aware of the quality of service they generally provide. Only problem with mine is the rubber armouring has started to come unstuck. Nothing major after 13 years hard use. Original 7x42 SLC's. I can borrow a pair for a couple of weeks but may leave until later in the year if I'm looking at a month or so.


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    i took mine to a dealer who sent them back, it took 8 weeks exactly. just got them back a couple of weeks ago.

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    Thanks Daverl. I heard about 6 weeks was to be expected from our local dealer but friends have experienced a much quicker response than this albeit a few years ago. Just wondering what the current state was.

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    servicing of binos

    I dealt with swarovski uk direct with my 12 year old 7x42slc with a small scratch ,They serviced them free of charge but wanted 160 reduced to 80 for removing scratch when i complained.They are very helpfull and will lend you a pair if available until repaired,they also come back like new,took about 4 weeks.

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    For a quicker service deal with Swarovski UK direct.

    I think I might have a link somewhere.


    Found it, address at the bottom of the page...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Gliballs View Post
    For a quicker service deal with Swarovski UK direct.

    I think I might have a link somewhere.


    Found it, address at the bottom of the page...

    The lady there is more than helpful - When I bought my second hand SLCs 7x42 the other week I rang them up on the thursday and by friday ther was a brand new set of lens covers, a rain gaurd for the eye cups and a new bag, all free of charge and delivered to home, not bad service .

    A year or go now my Farther sent of a 6x42 Swaro steel tubed scope to her - it went to Austria and back within six (maybe seven) weeks and came back looking like new and ten times clearer! It cost 7 for the P&P!

    I do rather fancy upgrading my scope to a Swarovski 8x56... to much money at the moment though

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    Sad confession, but I have just found the box these bino's came in. Price on the box is 704. Receipt inside shows that I paid 575 + 4 p&p from Avalon Guns. Before the credit crunch (although perhaps still worth this) I heard these were selling on Ebay for over 700! Keeping a hold of everything from now on!!!!

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