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Thread: Steyr 25-06 factory ammo

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    Steyr 25-06 factory ammo

    Hi, just looking for anyone with a classic Steyr mannlicher in 25-06 to give me a recommendation for factory ammo for roe, I've owned the rifle for around 4 years now and although some people don't rate them I love mine, I have been shooting hornady 117 grain soft points well but am unable to get any locally, just looking to find out what other people are using.

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    Sako Gameheads 117gr would be well worth trying.

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    Mine used to love any federal ammo

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    I had a Classic Steyr Mannlicher in .25-06 for three years and only parted with it when my K95 arrived. It was a good accurate rifle and I took quite a few hinds using 100gn Sierra Prohunter bullets.....never bought any factory ammunition for it though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oh6 View Post
    Sako Gameheads 117gr would be well worth trying.
    I'm with Oh6 on this, Sako 117gr Gameking is the best factory in mine, followed by Remington 120's. Only place I know of that stocks in our calibre it is Emmett and Stone in Marlow! Might have to be a special request from your local RFD.

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    Another vote for sako gamehead rounds. Just moved to these from federal and they are crazy accurate in my sako.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oh6 View Post
    Sako Gameheads 117gr would be well worth trying.

    Yup!, So good in mine I put the reloading gear back in the dark bit of the cupboard!
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