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Thread: West Lothian permission or syndicate

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    West Lothian permission or syndicate

    Moving to near Kirknewton in the next couple of months from Aberdeenshire. Looking to join a syndicate for Roe or find a new permission. Many years of experience, insurance and DSC 1. Can anyone help. Also looking for a Friendly pheasant syndicate. Cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannonball View Post
    Also looking for a Friendly pheasant syndicate. Cheers.
    Kirknewton is in the Edinburgh would-be-posh commuting area - the pheasants have become gey snooty

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    Contact Alex Paul West Lothian Deer Group. they have lots of ground.

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    Thanks CW, snooty pheasant is good if there's banter and good craic !

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    Many thanks, will do.

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    Thanks JCS for Pm. I'll follow up on your advice.

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