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Thread: Rifle sling

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    Rifle sling

    I'm looking to buy a rifle sling to hold the rifle along my back, like a hiking bag would be.
    The terrain I have to stalk in is marsh, rough bog, trees, fences, hedge rows, streams and drainage ditches to cross and lots of them.
    I have shot these lands with a shotgun in hand but this is my first season stalking so I expect a lot of walking. I want the quietist easiest and safest way to get round while stalking, and I think gun on my back with only my shooting sticks in hand would be best.
    Does anyone do this or can anyone recommend a good sling for me.

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    If it's something like this your after Niggeloh Neoprene Ruck-Sling (Rifle)

    i have one for sale For Sale: Niggeloh sling

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    That does look good, I will wait to hear if anyone has other suggestions before I commit.
    This is what I had in mind previous to seeing yours, but not sure it would suit my application.
    Beretta Xtreme Ducker Sling

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    I've never tried one but I've always liked the look of these:

    Rifle sling, double rifle sling, tactical rifle sling, rifle holster,

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    I think I'll have to make me a chest strap as in the video, looks a good idea. Should be able to make one with loop both ends to fit existing sling.

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    go for the niggeloh, been using them for a couple of years, great slings.

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    Z AIM sling is very good for about 30

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    Z aim is what I use aswel. Quick and easy to use.
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    Niggeloh is the best I've used so far

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    How well do the Niggeloh work with rucksacks?

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