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Thread: Longest Day

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    Longest Day

    I'm looking outside at 10.45pm here in the Scottish Borders and it is so light I can still read a paper in the garden. Even with lots of cloud cover and really muggy. I appreciate that down south it may well be dark and yet up north it will be even lighter. I could easily take a shot just now but cannot see any deer across the fields around the house as the winter barley is so tall.

    Should have gone out tonight for a look. Hard to believe that from now on the nights are drawing in.

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    Aye, soon be winter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mudman View Post
    Aye, soon be winter.

    Just read this post and am wondering where 2010 has gone, just like the rest all to quickly !!!!!!!!!getting likeall to fast!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    3.31 here and getting light
    I got up at just after half 3 and it was broad daylight.

    No joy this morning
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    Quote Originally Posted by mudman View Post
    Aye, soon be winter.
    HAPPY XMAS. Oops no its not that happy, its budget day and its going to be a bit dark from now on . Still I would imagine the *ankers that dropped us in the poopy in the first place will still afford replacement batteries so they have the light to count their rewards for failure. God Bless EM.

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    My eldest daughter woke up at 2310 on Staurday and thought it was morning, not the easiest thing to try and convince a 9 year old that it's still night time when it's daylight outside

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    I will leave the house at 230am in the moring for a 3am start but the roe buck season still has a long way to go christ the rut is still 6 weeks away thats the same time as the start till now.

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    I like it at this time of year up here, go to bed in daylight get up in daylight it's mad. Sunday I was looking out across the kyle of Sutherland looking for a cuckoo that I could hear in the wood on the other side, nothing unusual in that, except it was ten to eleven at night.

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    I was out at 03:15 this morning with the 17hmr after some Rabbits. Warm without a breath of wind and no cars on the roads. It's amazing how much you can get done before most folk even get out of bed!


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