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Thread: Reloading gear wanted.

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    Reloading gear wanted.

    Im after the following reloading equipment if anyone has it secondhand,
    Many thanks

    RCBS Rock chucker Press
    K&M Priming Tool with Gauge
    K&M Arbor Press With Dial Gauge
    Wilson Neck and Seating Dies .204 ruger, 6.5 creedmoor
    K&M Case Neck Reamer
    K&M Neck Turner with associated items
    K&M Case Prep :- Deburrer, Primer Pocket Uniformer
    Digital calipers
    .223 Redding Full length die set

    Many thanks
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    currently a rock chucker press on e-bay think it ends today

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    I am going to sell an RCBS 4x4 AUTO LOADING PRESS,

    if of interest,


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    Its Raining,(West Lothian)
    Any interest in this one.
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    got all them here when you ready
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    pm,d you kal

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    If you were local I could have let you look at/use some of the stuff I don't use to tide you over until you visit Spud's site, but your location as just UK doesn't help I'm afraid.
    Just a County might be a bit more helpful than just UK but even that isn't helpful sometimes as some counties are quite large.
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    thxs kal but a bit to much for me cheers dave.

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