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    moderator removal

    I remove the moderator off my cf rifles after every outing,would keeping the mod on a hmr be just as bad as keeping it on a cf.

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    Always remove the mod from ANY rifle! The gases that build up are highly corrosive, and at best, you'll lose an inch of your barrel
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    I would say it's as bad, your burning powder and getting gasses from it that will collect in the mod and cause corossion.

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    Reason i was asking is that i was thinking of buying a used hmr privately ,can see the mod is on it and just wandering wether its been kept on all the time.Is there any way of telling.

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    Probably not good although both my centre fires produce ammonia in the mod, the smell is clear and distinctive. The mod on my HMR does not, it does fill up with carbon however. Ammonia is bad because it's hydrophilic (it attracts moisture) and it's also corrosive. So maybe it's not as bad on a Rimfire as a centre fire using nitro powder.

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    Get the internal bore and rifling checked, this could unearth a pitted or knackered rifle.

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