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Thread: Muntjac Liver - Any ideas?

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    Muntjac Liver - Any ideas?

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ID:	73081I shot 3 munties over the weekend and one had this in the liver. I'm hoping it's nothing too bad as I could only narrow it down to 2 carcasses and would hate to have to throw both away. I have just discarded the liver so far.

    Several of these throughout the liver, white spots on the outside, filled with little yellow balls (eggs?) - my BDS guide to disease only shows 2 liver issues - Fluke and White Spot, but makes little mention of the inside of them.

    Anyone identify what the issue is please?

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    The picture is too small I'm afraid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buchan View Post
    The picture is too small I'm afraid

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    I would think fluke, but I am unsure. Is there much of it in your area?

    Did you see any fluke?

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    I'm not sure if there is much in the area, but I didn't see any, just the small yellowy grainy filling in the photo, I'd guess eggs but I am not sure.

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    Fluke eggs are too small to be seen unaided. I can't tell if this is an abscess or if the white wall is just part of the bile duct and the grains are bile salt crystals. Going back to your original post though, I wonder about tapeworm cysts, but they are usually on the capsule of the liver.

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    This could explain it, unfortunatley I cannot take any more pictures (even in the interest of science I am not re-opening that rubbish bag!).

    It did not look like a cyst and could just be salt as you mention, I am reasonably new to all of this so am not too sure I can provide any more information that may be of use.

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    I've had similar which the APHA Vet thought was bile duct damage due to old fluke infestation.
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