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Thread: Heyfever

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    Any sufferers found it not too bad this year?
    As a kid I never suffered but in my mid 20's started to get the sneezing, itchy eyes & throat with later season grass pollen. Early tree pollen has never been a problem. Some days I would need 2 or 3 tablets to get by especially being outdoors so much.
    This year nothing yet so fingers crossed it's gone if that's possible? Or has it not been bad for pollen this year?

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    I hadn't been bad at all this year and send for a stalk through several hayfields without taking tablets before... I spent the next day feeling very sorry for myself barely able to breath-: worst I'd been for 15 years!!!

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    ive had the worst year in ages god dam pollen it should be baned

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    Suffered terribly as a teenager but seemed to have grown out of it as I got older.
    I do sympathise with you though, it`s an awful thing to suffer from.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    I have had it since my 20's too, this last few year have been great. Eventually got a Dr that understood what it was like to suffer from hay fever. He prescribed two lots of pills after a whole bunch of questions. They work, I have no symptoms apart from the very odd day when the pollen count is high. Only had one day this year where I got runny eyes/nose, sneezy and wheezy and coughing. My season starts in April and finishes in Sept. I hate summer!

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    I've been taking copious amounts of vitamin C this year (3-4000mg daily) and it has helped greatly. Not had to take hayfever tablets once!

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    I usually have ot really badly June through to mid Aug. This year has been the lightest in at least 10 years.

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    I have had hay fever since the age of 4, was part of a trial in the early 60's to develop injections to desensitize the immune system prior to the pollen season. These worked well on me, but did have some risks and they were eventually stopped being used in the 80's due to a number of people in the USA having severe reactions. After this Nasal spray and inhalers became available delivering low dose steroid. I was told as a lad by a number of doctors/consultants that if you develop hay fever very early in life there is a large percentage chance that you will start to grow out of it after the age of 40 and low and behold this has happened. Still have to take a nasal spray in the season and also have eye drops to stop the itchy eyes when the pollen level is very high, but all in all most of my hay fever symptoms have 99% improved since my childhood. For those starting to suffer with hay fever later in life I was also told that if this happened, then most likely you would have hay fever to the day you die.. so sorry for the bad news. Hay fever is a nightmare for country lovers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by takbok View Post
    I've been taking copious amounts of vitamin C this year (3-4000mg daily) and it has helped greatly. Not had to take hayfever tablets once!
    I hate to cast a degree of doubt on this, but chances are this has nothing to do with reduced symptoms. Your body can't absorb that much vitamin C - you'll be pissing the majority of it straight out.

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    I first got it when I was about 10/11 years old. It was triggered whilst out for a walk near home in a really polleny field and I just blew up on the spot - clearly some sort of pollen overload!

    It was really bad for me for about 10 years or so but then eased off in my 20's, and TBH had been pretty non-existent until this year when it all kicked off again for me.

    I used to take Triludan for it and that worked great. One tablet in the morning, no eye drops, no nose spray and I was symptom free all day. Sadly it is no longer available so I usually have to try out a whole bunch of the various OTC meds to find the one that works for me this year. Generally if I use something one year then it doesnt work for me the next which is really annoying!

    I think it has been particularly bad this year, certainly the worst I can remember in the last 10 years, and I got sinusitis from it this year as well.

    What I've been doing is getting the OTC "one-a-day" tablets (ALDI's work pretty well for me this year) and taking three of them which seems to be holding things at bay. A prescription strength antihistamine is 100+mg and these OTC ones are only 10mg, so taking 3 of them is a 30mg dose. More than OTC but not pharmacy strength.

    That said earlier in the year when it was really bad (when we were getting a couple of days of sun and then some rain, and then all the plants went mad farting pollen all over the place) I had to take 5 or 6 a day plus nose spray and I was also using NeilMed sinus rinse which works great flushing the gubbins out of your nose.

    It drives me up the wall when its bad, and if its as bad next year as it was this year then I'll be going to the Docs as me making up my own course of treatment with OTC stuff can be a bit hit and miss!

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