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Thread: Tempted by the Primos Trigger stick bipod and 2 point gun rest

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    Question Tempted by the Primos Trigger stick bipod and 2 point gun rest

    Has anyone used the Primos tripod and gun rest set up?
    Is it any good, or does it have any drawbacks to consider?
    Finally, does anyone know where it can be picked up for the best price?

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    I have the tripod, but not the rest. Very stable and versatile sticks. I don't have any worthwhile criticisms of them, really
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    As previously posted on here I was a great fan of the tripod trigger stick, so went and purchased the gun rest. Unfortunately I found the link between rest and tripod was too flimsy to hold a loaded rifle with all the bells and whistles in a rigid manner. No matter, as the tripod seemed to be a good bit of kit until ... the clutch mechanism started to play up on two of the legs. They stopped deploying as they should and if assisted by hand made a God-awful grinding noise. I stripped them down and found that crud in the clutch cams was causing the problem. Cleaned everything up and things were fine for a bit and then the problem recurred, with ever stronger pulls on the trigger completely failing to release the clutches. Another strip and clean revealed that hard pulling had worn the heads of the operating rods into the plastic housing so there was insufficient length of pull to release the clutch.
    They are really good bits of mechanical engineering that do a great job of providing a traversable rifle/camera support that readily adapts to varied shooting heights and uneven terrain. Sadly the fabrication and materials aren't up to the job. My sticks didn't get abused or hammered over harsh terrain - my stalking is a leisurely stroll about lowland hedges and woods. If they can make a set that keeps the crud out of the clutch mechanism and beef up some of the plastic to metal bearing surfaces I'd certainly buy them again. Until they bring out that sort of upgrade I'd give them a miss.

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    That's great info thanks very much.
    I am considering them for NV foxing where I would hopefully be able to leave the rifle mounted in position (lashed onto the rest?), so I could be free to scan about. The rifle is a modded heavy barrelled varnint with another 3lb of NV on top, so maybe the Primos won't be up to the strain?
    I was also hoping they might stand a bit of rough abuse being clattered about in practical comps such as the RBL Precision with a heavy 308 but they might be too fragile.

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    Had a guy out with me. Before we set off one of the legs wouldn't lock. He ended up using my sticks instead.

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    I got a set of the tripod sticks recently and I must say I really like them so far. I dont know how they hold up to bad weather and lots of mud over time but thus far they are quiet and very stable.

    I'm quite tall so I usually just extend them to full length but bound together prior to getting into the field so I can use them as bino rests, and then just alter leg length slightly with the trigger if I need to once I split the legs out into tripod format. Seems to work well and avoids lots of time spent retracting and extending the legs on the stalk.

    If I find these dont hold up then I'll probably move to a fixed leg format but keep the tripod style as I find that is very stable.

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    I have a set with the gun rest, they have there uses and being able to deploy and adjust the height single handed is great, however I don't find them anywhere near as stable as a set of quadsticks. There are really good for bunny bashing at night when distances tend to be less

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    Im on holiday soon , have mine for a week Guesty

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    I have the rifle rest and tripod. First set of sticks fused after half dozen outings. Kindly replaced FOC by Bushware in Stirling. Very careful with the new set. I agree there are design faults including requiring your best efforts with your Dremel to get in and clean them.

    I like the fact you can set your rifle up in position and then glass around. I do this a lot, takes a bit of getting used to as initially it feels quite flimsy but in practice strong enough -so far!

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    I was out foxoing with Paddy and Paul last week and we had a big discussion on this. They use the Vanguard 3 legged shooting stick, these guys are out 5 days/night a week and have tried everything on the market so judge for yourself.


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