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Thread: Dinner parties .. From start to finish.

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    Dinner parties .. From start to finish.

    I`m thinking about putting another website together but a lot different to my other one. was put together with a lot of naivety in 2008 and will continue though adding to it will be slow but sure.
    The new site will be dinner party based .. starter, main and deserts, where possible include your preferred wine or otherwise.
    Emphasis being that the main course must/will be game meat based of any description and the starter and desert can be anything that you desire.
    I want it to be a compendium of the full range of dinner party menus, photos included with credits to where the photos came from and any menus or suggestions.
    Let me know what you think .. please.
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    Hi Basil

    This sounds an interesting project and will try and contribute it you get it going. Regards SBM

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    +1 sounds like a good idea mate
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    Sounds like a great idea !
    Good luck

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