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Thread: Early Autumn?

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    Early Autumn?

    I went stalking early on Sat not something I have done for a while, magical morning with mist, wonderful sunrise and very heavy dew. Out foxing last night clear dark and still but with sureal tinge of cold. This am quite a nip in the air felt more like mid/late September. Speaking to a farming friend he percieved the same seems we quickly transitioned into autumn about 1 month early.


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    Rubbish. I'm still waiting for the summer.. . Mind you, was a bit nippy on the way into work today
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    Out lamping last night and the sky was full of stars, something that we normaly do not see until we get into September and it was distinctly chilly. No luck as the weather has been so rubbish not a lot of crop has come off yet.

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    Clear Sky...Chilly night, even in midsummer.
    Midsummer is June, so August is late Summer, nights start drawing in,
    September can be pleasant and October can be too warm for pheasant shooting.
    Theres been a fair amount of wind about past few weeks. buts its stayed dry
    for harvest. The pheasants are doing OK in the pens, so cannot complain

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    Autumn & winter are ages away yet, summer hasn't even started yet. Or did I blink & miss it?

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    Wish I'd read this before going out foxing last night it was a chilly but beautiful clear night with hardly any wind and the clearest starlit sky I've seen for years, probably why we didn't see naff all!!

    And Autumn is later than 4 years ago it seems - Is autumn coming early this year?

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    I spoke to the river gillie on the estate I lease in Scotland two days ago. He mentioned that the bracken was starting to turn yellow in places already. This is up past Inverness but it appears to be early to me.
    Last season was hard work on the Stags, with high temperatures and very high cover and no frost to speak of during late September and October. Lets hope this autumn is better and the weather is more appropriate for the time of year.
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    I was out on fox patrol till silly oclock again last night watched a lovely moon rise and set, very good clarity on the Thermal, 3 less foxs now a big adult dog and two very well grown cubs. It was very dark and quiet except a Chinnock on exercise somewhere up towards Nibley. Sound was travelling miles. Fantastic stars and quite nippy later on. Autumn is on its way (well untl we go up to uppers twenties next week!!!)


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    I've been out soon after 5am every day this week and, even "down South" it was chilly and I regretted not wearing a hat.

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    It was minus 3 c last night in Carbridge, a new august record low!

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