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Thread: Long sock recommendation?

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    Long sock recommendation?

    Any one able to recommend a decent medium weight sock, must be long enough to comfortably use with meindl hunting boots?

    ive been using the Seeland ones hat come in a twin pack with one short and one long pair (I have no use for the short ones tho......)

    thanks for for any recommendations!

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    Don't wear Meindl Dovre boot's but the Harkila Trapper Master Socks are fantastic!! Pricy but well worth it for comfort.

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    Bridgedale summit knee. The best I have tried and I have tried a lot. 25 a pair but last a while.

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    I find that I'm far too hot with walking socks in my Meindls so I use the thinnest pair of old shooting socks I have & roll them down over the boot if I'm not wearing breeks. I found I got terrible heat rashes with the normal insulated walking socks.

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    I use the Brasher walking boot socks...not sure if they are still available since the merger/take-over though.

    My Meindl Dovre boots could have been a half size bigger, I was fooled by their wide-fitting-last claim, so I cannot wear lining socks as well. My old Le Chameau were the right size and I always wore those summer or winter with Bridgedale coolmax lining socks and the Brashers.


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    Harkila knee length shooting socks, real good turn over and generous calf width.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnrazor View Post
    Harkila knee length shooting socks, real good turn over and generous calf width.
    same as above I generally get a pair a year and wear them with breeks on game shoot days too !

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    I get Wacky Sox, love them and wear them for all my shooting with breeks and boots.

    They are rugby socks but lovely bright colors and wear well

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    I find musto socks to be very good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highland stalker View Post
    I find musto socks to be very good.
    Agree here along with beretta socks. Ive a pair of each, washed and wore relentlessly over the last two years still fit perfectly and the elastic is still excellent.

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