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Thread: Gun safe a bit on the dark side?

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    Gun safe a bit on the dark side?

    I just got one of these from Amazon


    I'd post a full link, but I'm not allowed to yet Just stick that in the search box.

    Awesome. Can finally see what's going on Motion sensing, two independent pointable LED lights, runs on aaa's (included) - and best of all - magnetic fixing, so I can move it around at will. It just sticks to my safe with the included magnet.

    Cant go wrong for a fiver

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    Thanks, looks like a good buy. I'm tempted to get one.

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    Aldi and Lidl had a range of these, some pir and some switchable. I have three of the switchable ones inside above the back door of my Disco (self adhesive velcro sticks to headlining). makes messing about in the back of the vehicle a lot better.

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    Thanks! Just ordered one

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    For me the selling point of this unit is the quality brand, but most importantly the magnetic mount. Just a no brainier for a steel safe. I have another one in my ammo compartment. The low price is the icing

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    I have a small circular LED light works off two AAA with magnet. Cost 3 from Tesco

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    i got some from Aldi a while ago. just touch the thing anywhere and it turns on. also have one in the ammo box. very useful

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    These are slightly different as they are PIR activated, so basically as soon as your hand goes in (or sometimes when you just open the door), the light activates and then switches off automatically.

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    I use the small strip lights that you get for lighting kitchen work tops. Got them mounted above the cupboard door and wired into a socket, loads of light. Have two above my reloading bench too

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    Thanks Aris. Bought 2. Even come with 3 x Philips batteries, all for a fiver delivered. It'll be interesting to see how long the batteries last driving the PIRs continually

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