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Thread: Help !! Ideas fox in pen

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    Help !! Ideas fox in pen

    Ok I'm after some advice from anybody ?
    Just had some birds delivered today at 6 am , all ok but on evening check of the birds tonight a fox was seen in the pen !!! 3 birds dead but birds all still in there .
    Checked the wire all good and no obvious holes all looks good !
    We have walked the pen several times and no sign of it !
    I waited at one end thinking it might show but no sign !
    Ok what do we do ??? I will go back at dawn and stalk up to pen to see if any sign ! Any old tricks or plans worth trying ?

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    Terrier, it must have gone to ground
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    Dawn may be too late,if there is easy pickings charlie will be back tonight. Secure the dead ones out and nail him with the lamp or however you do it...

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    How high is the fence? Ive seen them go over the top before. Get some snares down round the outside of the pen.
    As for tricks ive heard of peeing into jars and putting them around the pen no idea if it works or not.

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    Fox will climb chicken wire fence. We have elevtric fence around our pen, about a foot away from the chicken wire

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    We have an electric fence around the pen , someone has gone out with lamp but pen is very thick . I think I will sit with rifle in morning and see if he shows by perimeter ! If not in with shotgun then terrier !!!!
    Never had this happen before !!! Pain in the ass !

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    Find the earth, so you know where to focus your efforts, also worth checking ivy covered trees that have thick cover... Had one in a pen that would come down from a tree somehow, caught him on the trail cam doing it! Another thing to be mindful of is badgers will kill birds if they're trapped in a pen... Although not as affective as a fox we've had it happen before!

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    Put some cat food(3-4 tins) in an area close to the pen, it might bring him in so you can take your shot.
    ive found this works very well.

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    Keep us updated.

    I would suggest a high seat and put some bait in a clear area and wait. You have to get it as it will kill for fun if it gets a chance

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    As said earlier, foxes are very competent climbers, I have seen one in full daylight with designs on a woodie sitting in a hawthorn tree, and also had a pair of eyes go from around six inches off the the ground to over seven feet, returning to ground level, before identifying as a large dog fox.
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