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Thread: Interesting head

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    Interesting head

    Been a while since I grassed an animal and had a break for about 3 years, but I found a badly wounded buck on my permission (at work) last week that had some serious facial and neck injury. A couple of days later I saw this fella being led the dance by a doe and I believe he may have been the culprit. Anyway, my interest and enthusiasm now 100% and made the effort to go and find him tonight.
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    That's an excellent buck, very unusual.

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    Interesting Coalesced head. Usually happens on a very old animal where the coronets get so big that they fuse together. I shot one in Hampshire myself a few years back although it was a 6 pointer. No idea why you think that it injured another buck though? It's tines are not spikes! I would say that that is now more or less likely to have happened than with a standard headed buck?
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    There is a prostalker in Hampshire that said to me if I ever had a Buck like that he had clients that would pay a lot of money for it.So you have something special there!!

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    A more precious trophy than a standard gold medal. You will go a long time before shooting similar.


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    Now that is an interesting head, and a great trophy to hang on the wall. Well done.
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    These seem to get reported here on the Site every couple of years - sometimes questioning whether it is genetic-related or more about age. The answer, I suspect, is that we don't really know. It would be interesting to study the same animal two or three years in succession and see whether the coalescence re-occurred in subsequent years.

    Regardless, it's a very unusual head and should take pride of place in any collection.

    Many thanks for posting.
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    Wonderful and unusual head. That would be straight down the taxidermists for a shoulder mount if it were mine.
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    +1. That's a fantastic head. You'll go a long way before seeing one of those again
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    A cracking head, could you post pics of it when boiled out please?

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