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Thread: cheap (good) brno mod 2 .22lr

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    cheap (good) brno mod 2 .22lr

    for sale is a good old brno mod 2 .22lr.

    shoots like a dream, has front sight and rear sight filed to a wide V rather than notch and post. A bit of a workhorse but like I said, stock is very good, finish is good, feeding is good from 4 rounds in mag, load 5 in the mag and the nose of the first sticks up a bit and catches. the chamber edge..solution is to either load 4 rounds and enjoy it with 4 and good feeding,,or, weaken mag spring or squeeze mag lips, get another mag, or just push the nose into the chamber of the first round if you must have 5 rounds in the mag, the next 4 will feed flawlessly.

    It's not a beauty queen, but not a donkey either! It would be the ideal gun to thread and moderate, with a wee scope on it.,,or use like I did, to practice with a wide V rear sight for running game, express sight style.

    Just looking for 80 plus 15 P&P to mainland UK RFD.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    please pm me with enquiries. I can't really justify selling for any less, so whilst I appreciate cheeky offers (I'm a pro at that), there's no point sadly. sorry.

    There are two types of shooters - the fulfilled and successful ones - with a 7 X 57 and those poor souls who have not yet decided to get one!

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