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Thread: Any botanists on board?

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    Any botanists on board?

    Can anyone identify this flower? It's growing wild in my gravel drive, never seen one before. Any ideas?

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    its called a weed :-)


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    Mimulus or common name monkey flower

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    Might be ...
    Impatiens pallida /Touch-Me-Not Family These pretty yellow flowers are related to the Spotted Touch-Me-Not (I. capensis).
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    Quote Originally Posted by ILoveBambi View Post
    monkey flower

    Mimulus guttatus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Mimulus it is: I grow them in my planters, nice pictures of it.


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    Thanks for the responses. There is a consensus for Mimulus so I will go with that. We have never seen it before, certainly have not cultivated it.

    Cyres: Thanks for the comment on the pictures. Taken with Nikon D5000 DSLR, Micro Nikkor 40mm lens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenshoots View Post
    its called a weed :-)

    I would have thought someone with a horticultural screen name could have been a bit more specific.

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    Monkey Plant or mimulus it will seed itself and come every year! If you pick it up and cover it with soil you will have a flush of flower all summer and every year afterwards.

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    I would have thought someone with a horticultural screen name could have been a bit more specific.

    afraid its more to do with alternative energy and i also shoot, the wife calls me an attack gardener lol


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