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    This site....

    Just a quick question to the mods but why don't we close the site so only people who have registered are the only ones to view it?

    Anyone can view it without registering.

    Just wondering, that's all....

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    A few reasons...

    a) we want it to be visible to search engines etc - so people can find the site whilst searching for "Deer Stalking" etc. Encourages more visitors and consequently more members.
    b) People can browse the content and sign up if they want to participate (to post/view attachments etc). Therefore the users who register are more likely to be participating users
    c) we want people to be able to find and see the classifieds - larger target audience for people selling things
    d) as anyone could sign up anyway, what would we achieve by forcing them to register? What have we got to hide?


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