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Thread: So many firearms for sale

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    So many firearms for sale

    I dont know why but there is a lot of second hand firearms for sale on the SD.

    Why do so many people have such (most cases) wonderful toys that shoot like god yet put them up for sale.
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    Because of this business of having to justify "good reason" for owning each one. Basically it boils down to the fact that if you want a new toy the old one has to go, in most cases.

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    Also, I think there are a lot of people for whom the rifle is more important than the stalking. A lot of expensive custom builds seem to come up for sale with very low round counts, it's a toys thing for some people. I'm not having a go at people here either, nothing wrong with taking pleasure from owning a beautiful object. For me though it's about performance, none of my rifles look anything special, but they shoot really well and that's what matters to me. I doubt I'll sell them any time soon.

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    Is it a case of people try and get as many individual calibres for individual quarry as possible maybe ?

    and then realise they have too many and most haven't even been used
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    A whole load have just gone up from one guy, they also need to be collected from an RFD so I'm guessing that there is a licensing issue there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johngryphon View Post
    I dont know why but there is a lot of second hand firearms for sale on the SD.

    Why do so many people have such (most cases) wonderful toys that shoot like god yet put them up for sale.
    As already stated on the thread there are a host of reasons for this. It's also worth considering some other factors -

    • It's very difficult to find locations to test fire some of the rifles for sale in the UK.
    • I've bought one rifle off SD and it was better than described by the vendor - in immaculate condition, but that won't always be the case.
    • Some rifles are 'lemons' and folk just can't get them to shoot.
    • It's sometimes not clear who has actually built a rifle.
    • Some of the pricing is too dear. Once a certain figure is reached, you are as well commissioning your own build.
    • Opinions of what makes a good rifle vary widely and what appeals to one person, may not appeal to many others.

    In summary, it is relatively easy to acquire rifles, it is very hard to get rid of them.

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    I have three. My .22, 22-250 and .270. I can't see me needing to buy any others (although 'need' and 'want' are completely different animals ) but neither can I see me wanting to sell any of mine anytime soon. All are completely functional, not particularly high-end (although my 22-250 is the Medallion A-bolt II and I think it's gorgeous) and shoot straight. I can quite understand the appeal of owning multiple rifles to some though. There's something 'special' about a good rifle, isn't there?
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    Different folks will have different reasons,my rifles are just tools to do a job.

    While I can appreciate an aesthetically pleasing rifle its not important to me function is so long as they perform well that's good enough for me.

    I haven't changed a rifle in over thirty years and they all carry batt!e scars, and I take some perverse pleasure in that.
    especially when I have a regular client who arrives with his pristine setup costing thousands, and asks if he can use my rifle.

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    Far too much marketing influence in the shooting world, I see people chopping and changing shot guns all the time because they can.

    Most of them lie to their wives or partners on how much and what they have actually spent on guns/kit lol

    A chap I know just spent + 2k on some range finder binos, we were chatting in a group so I asked him how far they worked out to (a long way) Second question working back to how far he would be happy to shoot a deer at.
    100 yards was his answer....
    Then why do you want to range it at 600

    If the fac licencing laws were as open as the shot gun side then god knows what people would buy.

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    To all the sound explanations given above, I'd add my suspicion that it also has something to do with how social your shooting is.

    What I mean is that if you are regularly seeing other people's gear you are more likely to come across something you like more than your own, and the resulting sense of being at a disadvantage to the next man is a powerful driver to change.

    I have had several -I want one of those!- moments, and have friends who, on seeing one of my rifles shoot well, have decided that they need to find something better. The grass is always greener, and the sunlit uplands are always over the next hill.

    It is also the case that manufacturers, the shooting media, and the gun trade in general, all live by -and spend a lot of money on- making us feel that newer will be better.

    I'm all in favour of wealthy people who always want the next new toy, as they ensure there is a steady stream of little-used, high-quality gear available to those of more modest means at something much closer to their real value.
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