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Thread: Reader's Rides! Buuurumm burrrumm

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    Reader's Rides! Buuurumm burrrumm

    as suggested by Mr B.

    if anyone puts up a picture of my wife there's going to be trouble

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    The gsxr1100 was mine a couple of years ago, it was ace, fast and uncomfortable, it used as much fuel as the 2.0l espace i was driving

    the beetle is still in my garage waiting for me to restore

    the trike is gone and sold i built 4 over the years but thats the only one i took pics of.

    now i am in a jeep cherokee in diesel.


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    The shooting bus

    The toy

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    Unfortunately i had to get rid of this one. Dont think it would've made it to Scotland though....

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    Is that wales ? A certain Gap road ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by splash

    Is that wales ? A certain Gap road ?
    No its Stanage edge in Derbyshire, a couple of weeks ago.
    so foggy you wouldnt know there was a 1000ft drop off to the side.

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    Hope this picture is viewable. Computers not my thing

    All the best

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    Picture not worked.

    How do you post pictures?



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