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Thread: Wet Tumbling and case sizing

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    Wet Tumbling and case sizing


    Do you resize your cases and then wet tumble them?

    Logically, if you resize a dirty case to remove the primer and then clean it in a stainless tumbler (or any cleaning process for that matter) the cleaning process with also remove any powder residue from the case neck thereby changing the dimensions of the sized case.

    Therefore, should I buy a decapping die and resize the cases once clean?

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    Decap and size before tumbling it gets everything clean including the primer pocket

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    Decap, anneal, wet tumble, resize, trim, deburr, ultrasonic clean is my current practice. No doubt it will evolve sometime soon. Regards JCS

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    For me its decap, wet tumble, size, dry tumble!

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    wet tumble overnight
    wet tumble for 20 mins (to get lube off)

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    De-cap, initial 30min wet tumble or 20min ultrasonic clean to remove carbon etc., rinse and dry then anneal if required, full length size, trim to length and chamfer/de-burr, 1 hour wet tumble to remove case lube & polish, final rinse in hot water with a bit of dish washer rise aid added to make sure there's no water spots, dry in halogen oven at 90c for 30mins and leave in until cooled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boydy47 View Post
    For me its decap, wet tumble, size, dry tumble!

    and add measure, trim, deburr after dry tumble

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    actually universally decap>trim >clean>anneal>resize
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    I would be more concerned with the abrasive powder residue and carbon wearing away the steel sizing stem (and inside neck) if that is your method of sizing.
    arguably the molecular thickness of any residue is unlikely to create a bigger neck tension difference due to sizing than the brass thickness and hardness is.
    The expander ball is dragging through the abrasive carbon and residue as it travels out of the neck

    I personally outside neck size so that is not so much of an issue as the sizing pin is not under as much tension

    pays to clean first though whatever your reason.
    just a pain to clean again if you are using lube

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    actually universally decap>trim >clean>anneal>resize
    I am surprised you trim before cleaning and resizing. I find that the Lapua cases in my rifle vary little in length upon firing maybe a 0.001" or so, but they grow about 0.005" after full length sizing so I do the trimming afterwards.

    decap>U.S. clean>Lee lube>resize>wipe off with damp soapy rag>trim>blow out with air line>U.S. clean.


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