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    Moderators ??

    Recently I visited the a-tec website and noticed the cmm moderator. Only 220 grams but still adding 16cm ( about 6 inch) to the barrel. Most moderators are tremendously heavy, about 500 - 600 grams. Other models are "over the barrel " types wich only add about 2 inch in overal lenght. Moderators are not "common" here in Belgium and illegal. So I don't know much about it. Is there a model wich is light and short ?

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    I put one of the CMM4 on a Tikka t3 lite 25.06 with 20" barrell, you dont even notice the mod on the barrell it dosnt make the rifle top heavy at all. The noise reduction is also very good. definatley recommend the ATEC CMM4. I also use a T4 on a Sauer 202 Outckack again it does not effect the balance of the rifle too much, would definatley recommend both mods.


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    Moderators ??

    Moderators ??

    Evening chaps,im relitively new to centre fire rifles but having bought last year a TikkaT3 hunter in .243 i put an ASE ultra Northstar on it, at 100yds with 100g sp RWS/Federral ammo it consitantly shoots sub 1/2 inch groups and sub MOA without the mod, whats more with the mod on it, it will shoot an inch higher at 100yds using Winchester 55g silvertips which means i dont have to re zero when i go foxing, as at 200yds the 55g's are spot on and an inch low at 300yds, the point is with the ASE all i do is change the ammo to suit what im looking to shoot but if i come across a fox whilst stalking i dont have to conciously make allowances for the type of ammo i'm using, i know the rifle is good either way, for what its worth i bought the ASE and never regretted it, shortly afterwards a mate bought saur 202 with switch barrels( 25.06 & 30.06) he uses the same mod for both and swears by it

    Tikka T3

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    YES have look at the DPT over barrel 260 grms also modular

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