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Thread: NZ Reds

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    NZ Reds

    These were taken last month in NZ.

    I don't know who by, just seen them on a NZ hunting forum I'm a member of.

    Granted there not all like this but Ive been told you can find some of these boys roaming the Public hunting land. apparently they have bread with another species and with the perfect habitat and climate with no predators its a bit of a hot pot for producing stunners.

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    There was a write up and pictures of them in one of the shooting mags a short while ago. I think it was shooting times

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    Wild reds in NZ don't generally get antlers that big. These are park deer. Of course, they do escape sometimes!

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    You wouldn't want to p him off would you!

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    If I remember correctly the farmed ones are crossed with Wapiti.

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    I've not had enough girlfriends for a bra trophy holder like that !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben1987 View Post
    You wouldn't want to p him off would you!
    Far less carry him
    A Man should be wise, but never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is free of care

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    There is Whapti wild down in the Fiordland area, 1 off the few places hunting is actually restricted on DoC land, esp during the rut/roar and u hav to draw lots for it.

    Think some Whapti hunting charity runs it and ur not allowed to shoot any stags with small heads, seems to be a lack of mid-mature animals and also some in breeding with wild reds so there trying to shoot any reds/hybrids from the area.

    I doubt very many deer like that escape as it would be worth a fortune for the trophy fee alone, so will be well fenced in.

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    There is 0% chance those are wild deer. It takes a lot of money time and breeding to get heads like that. A lot of the farmed NZ trophy deer are the from UK park stock e.g. Woburn. Have a look here; Past and Present Woburn Sires

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    yeah I said they sometime get found roaming public as they escape farmed land. Ive heard a few stories of a beast coming out of the mist.

    but these things are unreal.. even for farmed.

    farmed or not i don't think anyone on here would pass up a shot on one of these.

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