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Thread: Rifle for target and stalking (80/20)

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    Rifle for target and stalking (80/20)

    I'm applying for my FAC after having an SGC for several years. I will be doing mostly (maybe 80-90%) target shooting - 300/500/600 (maybe 1000 on occasion) - all at Bisley - but I really do want to do some deer stalking too (I have that primeval urge). So i'm looking at the rifles available, and the Ruger Precision really does tick a lot of boxes target wise. Price is right, and seems very configurable, and accurate. Thing is - it doesn't LOOK like a stalking rifle. Far from it in fact. I'm sure that it would be legal to use such a rifle, if a bit of a hassle due to the slightly increased weight, but might it cause me other problems? I.e. with other stalkers, or perhaps taking it onto estates for paid stalks? Yeah, its a big black gun, but as I said - ticks most of the boxes with regards to target shooting.

    I'm open to other suggestions for a rifle which works well in the both scenarios above. I'm not looking to win competitions with regard to target shooting - just be the best that I can with the tools at hand. At the same time - i'd like to actually HIT the target at 600 yards and not make a fool of myself using the wrong tool for the job. I'd also prefer not to buy multiple guns for each, though I may consider that too, just prefer to have one gun which does OK for both.

    I've seen that in the US some people do use the Ruger Precision for hunting - but, yeah, this isn't the US and what rolls for them may not do so here

    Any suggestions? Apologies in advance if this opens a can of worms

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    well the Mauser m12 impact has shot out to a 1000 in 308 see YouTube for video I'm off out for a stalk with mine in a bit

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    I have a Schultz and Larsen Victory in .308 - That also works great out to 600x, not tried it any further yet, but no doubt it'll do the business out to 1000x. The target rifles I shoot are .308 and iron sights and I shoot those out to 1000x no problems.

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    If you like it, it does what you want comfortably then stuff what other shooters think of it.

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    Ask Edi, Ejg on here. It should be easy to get a secondhand Rem 700, add a Lothar Walther barrel ( contour 1450) and drop in one of his light stocks. Price will be reasonanble and the weight will be light enough to carry all day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben1987 View Post
    If you like it, it does what you want comfortably then stuff what other shooters think of it.

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    If its a deer legal calibre it does not matter what the rifle looks like, dont let anyone tell you otherwise.
    To really get the most from the Ruger Precision Rifle go for the 6.5 Creedmore, balistically superior to the 308 and legal for all deer species in the UK


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    What they all said... you may have problems on some of the more premier estates and with some guides/stalkers who may have reservations about guests being seen with military style rifles but other than that, it matters not what your rifle looks like..

    The only issues I can see are:

    Weight... do not underestimate how much more difficult and miserable a little more weight can make your life, particularly on the hill... I would rather not go stalking than try to lug my TRG up a mountain in Scotland or through a forest, it would just ruin my day.

    Optics... what is good for 1,000yd targets is not necessarily good for stalking.. to get out to 1,000yds you will more than likely need a 20 or 40moa rail, unless you have a top shelf scope, that could mean being unable to zero at distances as short as 1-200yds... just the kind of distance you need it to work at when stalking. Also, scopes good for targets need plenty of information in the reticule so you can aim off etc.. scopes good for hunting are better with minimal information in them i.e. cross hairs an/or a dot (think point and shoot rather than being distracted by mildots etc..) neither is particularly good for the other although I would say too much 'stuff' obscuring your view of a deer is marginally more preferable to no information when staring at a target at the other end of Stickledown!

    Public perception/police... you are far more likely to get a visit from a helicopter and ARU if seen with a tactical firearm by a member of the public... right or wrong, that is just a fact of life!

    Personally, if you are talking about an 80/20 split, I would spend your money on a decent target shooting rig and use an estate rifle until you can afford to buy a dedicated stalking rifle.. remember, A good/occasional hunting rig can be had for a fraction of the cost of a decent target setup. Although I will say, one of my club shooting buddies has the annoying habit of winning the 600 & 1,000 club comps at bisley with his 600 hunting set up.. he does however have to mess about shimming the rear scope mount up on his rifle to do it... dread to think what that is doing to the scope tube but it seems to work for him!!
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    Something in 6.5x47 Lapua.

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    Personally I would also stick to mainstream calibres for your first rifle... .308, 6.5x55 etc... you have to think about availability of ammunition and/or brass.. 6.5CM etc., whilst arguably marginally better than a swede, you may find it difficult to get hold of ammo.. try asking for 6.5CM at the nra shop at Bisley!!

    You cant really do much better than the good old .308win... abundant ammunition, components, reloading info, easy to reload and perfect for shooting 1,000 on Stickledown. Get into the swing of things and THEN start to look at specialist calibres.
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