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Thread: From Cairnryan to Lewis

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    From Cairnryan to Lewis

    As the title says I will be driving from Cairnryan to Lewis on Monday 12 September, to join friends in a lodge. I can't travel on the ferry out of Belfast until late Sunday night at the earliest. Obviously l I would like to get to Lewis as quickly as possible (relatively speaking) as I wiil already have missed a couple of days of the let. Advice so far is Ullapool via Inverness. Any advice on route and timings would be appreciated.
    I have done the drive to Rogart, Sutherland a couple of times so I'm familiar with part of the route. It seems that my trip revolves around arriving in time for a 17:30 sailing.
    Any advice gratefully received.

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    Hi, Yes A9 can't go wrong. Watch out average speed cameras.

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    Oof. That's a drive and a half. A77 through Ayr to the M77 from the ferry, then the M* to M80 and then onto the A9 and A835 is your best bet. And take a good few breaks, that's a sod of a trip mate, I don't envy you
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    Hi Ion
    Your other option is via Uig on the Isle of Skye to Tarbert in Harris, 1400 ferry arriving on island at 1520. Same distance as the Ullapool route (depending on which lodge) but much more scenic. Although it is an extra hours drive you could be delayed on the A9 due to major works anyway. You should be at you lodge by around 4.30pm rather than 9pm. Don't make the mistake of following the sat sat nav and ending up in Mallaig like my son in law, nearly missing his own wedding lol.

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    you might have a problem if your not booked on the ferry its busy at the moment

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