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Thread: Close Encounter of the Bird Kind

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    Close Encounter of the Bird Kind

    Yesterday I went out early arriving at the farm at about 4:00 am. I made my way to my high seat, got up into position.

    My rifle was resting on the high seat rail and I was waiting for first light, when a Tawny owl flew in and perched on my rifle barrel.

    I was wearing a face net, and the owl sat there looking at me, trying to work out what I was. After a minute it flew up to a branch in the same tree and spent the next 20 minutes screeching and then flew off.

    Just after 6:00 am, I shot my first fallow buck of the season.

    A great morning out.

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    A morning like that deserves a far fuller write up, even if only for your own benefit in 5, 10 or 20 years time looking back!

    Sounds like a cracking morning though.

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    I agree with Oh6 give us some more of the story. Its often these great experiences that make it all so worth while even on blank days. What a morning.

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