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Thread: 4x4?

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    Was just wondering what folk on here use or would suggest? Badly needing a new motor and I'm after something that I can charge up and down the A9 in,(with reasonable mpg) can get across stubble/moderate mud/snow and et enough gear into for a dog box+hide gear or a carcasses tray. I'm split between an old banger jimny + a normal car like a golf,(but 2 cars isn't ideal) or is there something that ticks all the boxes?

    interested to hear any suggestions? I'd go pickup but I'm looking at 30mpg

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    not sure where you are as no details in your profile

    but I think a xtrail, or one of the vitaras ... not the new one but the last ones seem good,

    the he older ones are what I like and a great fan of them but they are not that great on fuel.

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    I know owners of grand vitara or xtrail and they are happy with them.

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    My old diesel Octavia still works, but succession-planning has me leaning towards a Subaru Forester.

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    Cheers for the replies! Doing a lot of driving Dundee to Inverness. I was thinking of an Octavia?

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    I replaced our disco3 with a skoda superb 4x4, I then fitted Spaccer suspension lift to improve ground clearence, it's a family car, my other car is a defender so i take that stalking. However for light off-road use the skoda is ok, the boot is huge (estate) and it nearly does 50mpg, we don't drive particularly slowly either. The Octavia scout would be another option. The skodas are excellent value for money and you get a lot of car for that. Ours was 15k for a 12 plate with 28,000 miles. Had it a year now....

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    Ii have the Subaru Forester at present and so far, I have not found anywhere I could not take it.

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    Volvo xc90. Very impressive off road and plenty big enough.

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    Dacia Duster. Cheap as chips, 100% reliable (so far so good). 45 mpg, genuine measured.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferryman View Post
    Ii have the Subaru Forester at present and so far, I have not found anywhere I could not take it.
    Very highly rated vehicle.

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