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Thread: DCR hunter custom trigger

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    DCR hunter custom trigger

    DCR hunter custom trigger. This will drop in any rem 700 foot print action.
    Fitted with safety catch - lovely unit - breaks like Glass

    85 posted to you - ( that's a third of the price of a Jewell).


    Advertised elsewhere

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    if it's still for sale can you let me know some more information about it please? What's the weight of pull? And is it adjustable?

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    Hi - Its a Devon custom rifles trigger unit - yes it adjustable - its a single stage unit with integral safety catch
    I don't know the exact weight range - however it goes light enough for all sporting use - but it does not go down to ultra light weight like Jewell ect.

    its a great trigger - breaks like crystal and a third of the price of Jewell too


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    Has it the bolt release button on the unit?

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