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Thread: Yet another grouse shooting poll....

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    Yet another grouse shooting poll....

    Dundee Courier..

    News - The Courier

    scroll down the home page and you should find the poll....50/50 at moment..

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    It's pretty close

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    Creeping the right and circulate!

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    done, still close.

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    Interesting...93 views on here, yet the 'No' vote has only gone up by 40 odd votes since I posted. Shame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haggis Hunter View Post
    done, still close.
    Another one done.

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    Quite a basic question, not sure what conclusions you would draw from the result. Grouse shooting takes many forms, whats The Courier hoping to achieve here. I think polls of such a simple nature are pointless without any background information. Hopefully its a majority No vote though.

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