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Thread: 6.5 x 54

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    6.5 x 54

    Here is something that does not pop up too often. Less than 5000 ever made, a M98 short action and chambered in 6.5 x 54.

    Mike.Click image for larger version. 

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    Grab that Mauser!
    I had a Mannlicher in 6.5x54 and it was sweeeet. A good friend has it now.

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    Wow , I'd love to have that one . Great cartridge in a classic rifle .


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    Nice one. Excellent rifle.

    Been pondering on an Oberndorf Mauser, 1940 made stutzen...7x57, working out getting it from Germany to Uk. Waiting for currency rate to improve somewhat!
    I have a 6.5x54MSch Takedown already, but also been looking at a MSch GK stutzen 7x57 1960's made. Hey ho, decisions.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    I'm jealous.~Muir

    Muir, sadly I don't own it, belongs to a good mate who also has a 6.5 x 57. And it is an annoyance to me that he finds these classics. He is also on to a Type A in 250/3000, pretty rare that one. I have only seen one other in the last 30 odd years down here. Btw , apparently Jon Speed has a new Mauser book coming out, devoted to the history of the Obendorf Factory.


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    I can be jealous of your friend. I have plenty to go around!
    I had a friend who converted a Model 54 Winchester bolt action to 6.5x54. I guess it was offered special order back in the 30's? He acquired a barrel and bolt someplace. It shot so well! Hornady 160 RN dropped into a ragged hole at 100M whlke using a simple Weaver 4X on top. I applied a lot of pressure on him to get rid of that rifle. All I got was some brass and an extra set of dies he'd picked up with the Winchester parts "...for when you get your own.", he said. I had a 1903 Greek Mannlicher action but I ended up giving it away...~Muir

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    deeango -
    That MS GK will not disappoint. I have had a GK rifle in .30-06 for a decade ( now being used by a friend our West ) and it shoots everything into tiny groups. Any MS in 7x57 is pretty hard to find in the USA. With a set of the factory swing off scope mounts, it would be a sweet thing for deer, or most big game.

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    I've been looking at the MSch GK 7x57 for some time. It's in excellent condition but no swing/QD mounts.
    It has a fixed mount with Weaver scope, so that will have to be changed if I buy the rifle.

    I'm waiting for the currency rate to improve though. £/€ is pretty awful right now.
    It's also frustrating because I have the Euros on a prepaid Euro credit card, but the dealer doesn't/cannot take credit card payments.
    Bummer really, otherwise I'd have already bought it....!
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    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    Walk the Euro cash card into a bank in Germany and get cash or cashier's check and pay the dealer as he prefers.

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