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Thread: Great Night On The Bucks With Lakey

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    Great Night On The Bucks With Lakey

    Many thanks Andy for another great evening on the Bucks..

    I met up with Andy at six and set off for his grounds near Dorchester.

    Weve been out a few times now and his ground is an amazing mix of open fields,dense woodland and acres of mixed crops.

    I new we were in for a good night as stopping on the way in to have a chat about the wind and planned aproach the binos were out and we spotted Sika in nearly every field we could see.

    For me this was already a great night as wether we bagged one or not observing the deer and their calves was amazing.

    The abundance of Sika was actually going to be our downfall as we made our way round as these eyes and ears would bump the bucks,does and fawns at every opportunity.

    We had a great stalk through some quite dense woods and had a spell up in a high seat before making our way round the hedgeline.

    With the falling light we stalked making our way back to the car and met this young fella. Sticks up and shot taken he made about thirty feet.

    Uploaded with

    And the fella just out the pot...

    Uploaded with

    A nice reminder of a great evening spent with a good friend.

    Many thanks Andy

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Well done, Terry - glad to see you're keeping a good pace up!

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    Well done Terry,great write up.

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    Thumbs up

    Great write up Terry.It was a pleasure to take you out and about, and I am glad we got your buck at "last knockings". You were quick off the mark preparing that trophy

    Good shot and a great result. Well done that man!!

    All the best


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    Nice one terry that trophy wall of yours must be starting to get a bit crowded by now, and well done lakey

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    Nice one Terry
    Cracking evening had by all


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    Well done to all concerned, see you in the winter andy I hope.
    regards john

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