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Thread: .204 vs .220

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    .204 vs .220

    I have never owned a centre fire smaller than a .243 but fancy a designated foxing rifle. And fancy either of the above just wondered what people thoughts on the two were!!!

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    204 is an awesome fox calibre

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    Not having had 220 can't say much but I do have a 204r and its Fantastic for Fox long and short range also long range rabbit and crow

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    Quote Originally Posted by SussexFallow View Post
    204 is an awesome fox calibre
    Especially the 204 i bought from you which is staying in my cabinet

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    Both are great calibres for foxing, I used a 220 for about 10 years then changed it for a 204 and have been using it for quite a while now.
    I prefer the 204, there is no recoil and you can see your hits through the scope.

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    I chrono'd my .20Vartarg today, 3447fps, at that speed the 39gn SBK sighted 1" high is 1.5 high at 140yds and 1.5" low at 280yds. So it's seriously flat, even at 300 yds it's less than 3" low. Point and shoot..

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    As above seriously great fox round sieara 39 grain blitz king 3750 fps
    accounted for 7 foxes fri night for 7 shots
    regards pete

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    not a 204 but both are 20 tacticals.

    daytime semi custom sako rifle, 39gr bk 20" barrel hitting crows yesterday out past 400 yards 20 shots 17 hit.

    night setup tikka rifle running 40gr Vmax 22" barrel hit a fox (cub) at 312 yards last night and down it went, 5 shots 3 foxes. first shot was to check zero of my drone pro. missed shot was when I cut a barbed wire fence that I did not see when taking a shot at a big dog fox,

    overall the 20 cals are great cals, no recoil, light and as stated you can watch the shot from trigger to target.

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    +1 for the .204 ruger brilliant fox round regards Benji

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    I have and shoot both, well almost, it's actually a 220 Ackley Improved version.

    To my mind there is next to nothing in the ballistics, but the 204 definitely allows you to maintain sight picture. The Swift seems to hit harder and allows you some margin for error in shot placement, but that is probably more to do with the bullet I'm using - 55g Vmax moly. Another consideration for you maybe reloading costs, the 204 wins.

    With me it comes down to the rifle, the Swift is a 26" barrel varmint rifle, whereas the 204 is a 22" lightweight rifle, and this will do all the perceived heavier varmint rifle will do at sensible fox shooting ranges.

    I will always own a Swift, there's just something about it that has always held a fascination for me, since a kid(I'm still a big kid)
    I would find a rifle that you like first and go from there.

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