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Thread: Losing slot

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    Losing slot

    Just a quick question everyone.. My fac is due for renewal in December, it will be my first one. Question is, since getting it I've not really had chance to get out much as we have had children shortly after getting my ticket and have probably only used about 500 rounds ( 17hmr ) will FAO look on this as having not good reason to own as I've only used a small amount of ammo over the life of my ticket? Thanks

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    That is easily remedied, Go out and buy a couple of boxes of ammo, go to a club or a range a couple of times and you then have your 'reason to posses' unlike SGC's You need a good reason to own and posses a firearms.

    So if you can go shooting a couple of times before your renewal that's all the FLO will see. Who knows you might even enjoy it again?

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    I wouldn't have thought it would be an issue at all...500 rounds is a couple of rabbits every week! It'd be a tough go to tell you you had to take it out more than that... But I'm no expert...

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    Do they really take much notice of round counts?
    I remember one FEO telling me that the farmer who's only fired 6 rounds since last renewal (5 to zero his rifle and one to kill a fox that's after his lambs) has more justification in his "good reason" than the guy who's fired a couple of hundred rounds at bits of paper.

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    Renewal is due, and a discussion with FEO enlightened me to the fact that up here they are generally reducing most peoples rimfire entitlement if they haven't been using them enough (not as many rounds used rabitting etc now). Also that generally they are actively seeking to reduce the number of legally held firearms wherever possible.

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    Stick to your guns. Literally. If you even fire just one round over the course of your ticket, and that round has a justifiable purpose, then you have just as much right to your fac as anyone using a thousand
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    The amount of rounds you've gone through does often count because it can show that you are not using the rifle for the good reason you have it. But I can think of circumstances where you can still show good reason with, potentially not having used the rifle at all, in theory.

    But I don't think 500 rounds used will be a great problem. I don't know what you use it for, but, if for example, it's controlling rabbits and you shoot 5 rounds every time you go out, that's 100 times you've been out shooting! I imagine they will want to see more use if it's just a range thing but again, 500 rounds will, I expect be adequate. Especially if you say that you have used 500 rounds when the kids are babies and have the most pull on time, and as they get older, time will be less of an issue and the rifle will get more use..

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    So I really should be very worried about my centrefires then, not a round entered anywhere in the last three certificates lives.
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    I do a lot of fullbore target rifle shooting and the view from the FLO's seems to be that they want you to get out shooting 4-6 times a year as a minimum to keep your good reason for having a target rifle.

    So if you're shooting 2+10 half a dozen times a year thats a total of 72 rounds per year, and 360 over the lifetime of the ticket.

    For hunting purposes you would expect to shoot fewer rounds unless you're spending a lot of time at the range, so I would think you're most likely fine if you've shot 500 over the life of the ticket?

    The police are also supposed to first of all consider the application from the point of view of the applicant rather than that of a possible objector (Guide on firearms licensing law section 13.6), though if your rifle has sat in the cabinet for 5 years collecting dust then you would expect the FEO to be asking a few more questions. I'd have thought 100 rounds a year for hunting use would have been more than enough?

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    They lost my last lot when i got new ones last year , there was only this seasons entered on it,ie sixty 6x5x55 and twenty 308,

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