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Thread: Leupold customers service

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    Leupold customers service

    A few weeks back while out on a evening waiting for a fox I some how managed to loose my rangefinder battery cover so that evening I sent a quick email over to leupold, explaining what had happend. The next morning when I woke I had received a email asking for my last name and my address explaining that they will send a cover over free of charge. Well you can't ask for more than that thank you. Has any one esle receive the great service that I did?

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    there customer service used to be second to none,my last experience was poor at best.hope this is them back on track.

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    Had a similar experiance with lost scope caps for a Mepta scope.

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    Sent a 15 yr old vx1 off for a customer as it was fogging on very cold mornings , 7 days and it was back refurbished under warranty, all our warranty is done in Australia so great service.

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