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Thread: Roe Rut

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    Roe Rut

    Ive not seen any bucks the last 2 evemings, is the rut over

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    Well its still on in North Yorkshire
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    Pretty much over not been on my ground for a week and it was all but over then.

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    roe rut

    Over here too late !

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    I reckon its been a funny old year , I think on and off with weather a mate saw a buck covering a doe on sat morning here in moray, its maybe the tail end now.

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    My Mrs saw a doe being covered on Saturday whilst out on the horse, slowing down but still on.
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    6.00am today just outside powburn still saw 1 good buck chasing a young un so very slow but its still on

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    Fri/Sat/Sun I saw bucks and does alone so thought it was over, however a friend up the road saw a buck covering a doe on Sat. Given how stop-start it has been I would have thought this warmer weather this week might bring it back on a bit.

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    Still on in Somerset. Saw a buck chasing a doe this morning. No response to call though..

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    Was up at my permission in the Borders this weekend gone. Plenty of does seen but no bucks covering. No response to calls either.

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