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Thread: 300 win mag modified case

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    300 win mag modified case

    Hoping someone would be kind enough to borrow or sell me a hornady col gauge modified case for a 300 win mag I'll cover the postage costs
    Thanks in advance

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    I sent a fire formed case to spud he made me one ,unless you have a pal with the correct tap ect
    hope that helps

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    You will get a better reading if you use a fire formed case to your rifle

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    yep was looking a while ago for someone with a mini lathe to do a 6.5x47 case now I know spud does it I'll get in touch

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    I will check if I still have a Modified .300 Win Mag case I sold the rifle and not sure if I still have the Hornady Case

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    LATHE IS ON AND WAITING i dont do it i have a little elf iin his 80's
    Official Sponsor to Team GB F Class

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    I'll stick them in post in morning spud cheers

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    I see your sorted so will put my .300 Win Mag case back in the box.

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