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Thread: Scrap 303 cases.

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    Scrap 303 cases.

    Hiya, I'm looking for any amount of scrap 303 almost any condition...dirty, bent/buckled doesnt matter...

    They are needed so they can be laid out on the firing step on a repro WW1 trench which is going to be built at a museum near Carlisle. I'm also going to put some FMJ bullets into some, so as to make up inert ammo for the manniquins in the display.

    If you have anything, please PM me with a price to inc post..

    Thanks guys..

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    Where near Carlisle I'm there and might have some old 303

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    Might know where are some with correct huge Berdan primer! Also, FEIW, don't forget WWI bullets will be silver (more accurately white metal) colour not copper colour!

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    Nice one Enfieldspares...fantastic info there,...I didnt know that, so, a tin of Humbrol silver paint will be needed too... Let me know costs for them if you find them.

    Thanks again.:-)

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