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    Sam Thorpe

    Hello I think I have being very naughty as I joined in 2012 and don't think I have ever done a introduction, sorry. I am 27 and from York. I first got in to stalking/ hunting in 2008 when I spent a year in nz and bought a wetherby .243 but once I got back from there is was not untill the start of last year when I realy got in to stalking in England. And have enjoyed the journey so for and have learnt so much, thanks to some great people from the BDS and Jamie of Yorkshire dee management. So I am starting to build some good connections in the stalking world but as it happens I am emigraiting to new zealand at the end of September. So it's a whole new start and a lot more hunting hopfully!

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    ha welcome lucky b######d enjoy NZ what a place to live and hunt envious
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    Welcome to the site,

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