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Thread: O/U Shotgun

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    O/U Shotgun

    How long does it take for the stiffness of a new gun to get easier to break open? It has fired approximately 250 shells so I am guessing it hasn't even been broken in yet.

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    when it gets nice and slack just like you wish it to be you will know my old 687 was aroud 1000 before it became any use as flurry gun

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    If it's a Japanese Browning or Miroku it can take a few thousand.

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    Don't have anything that fabulous! Just got a cheapish Bettinsoli to test the water at clay grounds and so far it has been an enjoyable experience.

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    Make sure all the metal-on-metal moving parts have some grease/lube on them - this helps.

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    I had a Lanber O/U once that took over a thousand shots before it even began to loosen up
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    I've had a Miroku MK60 for many years and it's still pretty tight. Brilliant gun.

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    About 10 years if it's for game

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    My beretta is still very tight after 2000 I wish I had a s/h gun as I hate them too tight

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    My Browning Ultra XT is still pretty stiff after approx. 1000 shots. Much better than when it was new though!

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