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Thread: A good cull buck

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    A good cull buck

    Evening all,

    After skinning out my last buck from last Friday and discovering it was no good to eat, i took it to a local permission and tied the carcass to a tree near a well used fox earth. I went last night with the .223 to wait for an offending charlie. He didnt turn up due to an old woman pondering around in the field (no footpaths!). I decided to have a drive down onto a field which is being hammered by rabbits and shoot a few with the .223.

    As i was driving back along the woodside on my way home, i looked down a ride and onto a wheat field, here i could see a deer on the flood bank. I stopped and glassed the deer, a small and thin buck. I watched him for a while, he was about 240yds away and noticed that he hobbled as opposed to walk. I remembered then that i had seen a deer while lamping earlier this year that i though had a limp. I watched him til it got dark.

    Tonight, i decided to have a wander down with the .308 and see if i could get a better look at him and take him out if he was injured. I went down through the wood and spotted a doe and youngster at the other end of the field, around 500yds away. I watched them for a while and then saw a deer shape in the nettles next to them, i couldnt tell if it were a buck or not until it started to fray a sapling. I set off and stalked from 500yds to 200yds fairly easily, just crounching along in the long grass. When i got to 200yds, i could no longer see the buck, so sat and waited for 10 mins. still no sign. I stalked closer but as i was in direct line of sight with the doe, i had to crawl. I got from 200yds to 100yds and the doe and kid were still there, larking around which was great to see. Still no buck. I waited for 20 minutes with no joy. I thought he may have hopped into the wood to have a lay down. I got up onto my knees and thats when i saw another two heads poking up through the grass. One was the buck, the other was a doe. The buck got up and was not putting any weight on his front left leg, hobbled three steps then sat down again. I decided it was best to take him out if possible. Another 10 minutes and he still looked settled. I got to around 60yds from him using the long grass and found a tussock on which i could get the rifle high enough on the long bipod to sit and shoot over the top. 10 mins before complete dark, i thought its now or never, so i whistled once, he stood up labouiously and went down like a sack of spuds with a 150gn SST through the lungs and heart.

    On inspection he had a multiple fractured left front leg which was still broken but looks like an old wound. I gralloched him and rushed home, hes hanging up now and will take some better pics in the light tomorrow. Definitely a good animal to take out. I found it rewarding to target a specific animal and stalk on flat ground from 500yds to 60yds.

    I shall post pics tomorrow eve.

    Night all..

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    exellent writeup and a good ending this time for you sounds like a very good stalk . hope you get many more all the best,wayne

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    well done good account of a very good stalk,

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    good to see that patience works
    cant wait to see the pics
    well done mate and you earned the kill
    any ideas what caused the breaks

    atb frank

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    Well done indeed Mr Flyingfisherman. Cracking stalk which paid dividends at the end of light. A good and rewarding buck to take too.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    A few pics of the bucks broken leg You can see on the lower part how its healed but was broken further up too. I took the whole shoulder off as it was completely wasted. The buck was in a healthy, if a little thin condition otherwise.

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