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Thread: For those that use the .243 85 gr Sierra on deer.

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    For those that use the .243 85 gr Sierra on deer.

    Just wondering what the recovered bullets weights might be. A guesstimate is fine.

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    I use them in a 6x47 and have always exited

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    All mine exited on roe

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    Likewise, all exited so unable to say.

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    I used to use this bullet & as above, it always exited as it's more of a heart & lungs sort of bullet. The only exception to this being a 180m shot when the bullet punched through the shoulder blade then deviated & travelled along the far side of the rib cage breaking all of them. Made quite a mess & the remains of the bullet were there but it looked like just the copper jacket left.
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    I use 85 hpbt sierra exit tie every time exit reds 50% of the time heart& lung any retained bullet ive found has generally been just jacket they kill& kill very well so ive never worried about them

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    Never recovered one from the smaller deer species,always exited.

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    Always exited 85 grn, 243.

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    I've used Hornady 87gn for several years, very similar weight to 85gn, and have found they also exit on every Deer I've shot at 'Deer Stalking' distances.

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    Ref the Sierras, the link below sets out my experience of them. There's no question they kill, but I'll not be using them again.
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