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Thread: .204 Moderator

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    .204 Moderator

    So following on from my other thread i ordered a .204, next question is what moderators are you lads using on them.Only seems to be a few that make it for the 204!! i know others will fit just wondered.

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    I have a wildcat Predator 8 on mine but I do prefer the AS UTRA CQB that I've got on my other custom rifles.

    Either or work well though mate

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    I have a ase CQB I am putting up for,swaps as I have changed it for a ase sl5, on my day time 20 tactical.

    love the ase mods and have another s5 on my 6mmbr, and I have a aim sonic on my other 20 tac but it's not as good but a lot lighter than the ase,

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    I have the .22 sl5 on the Vartarg, it's VERY quiet, I'll bet it's quiet on the 204 too. It seems very nicely made and is nice and short too, only 44mm thick...

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    Was running both ASE and DM80 on .204s, dropped the ASE CQB as go as they are just to heavy being a end-can.

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    I dropped my ase to go wildcat evolution on my 204 as they do a 20 cal specific baffle set

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    Wildcat 223 mod works well on the 204 and the 223.

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    I have an MAE T12 on my .204, moderates very well and love the long slim look

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    I use a dm80 and my mate uses a jet z cqbs . The dm80 is a lot quieter than the jet z but it is bulkier.
    Richard utting says the wildcat evolution 20 cal mod is quieter than the dm80 so I wouldn't mind trying one.

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    Got a wildcat evolution on mine it's awesome

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