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Thread: Beats going to school

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    Beats going to school

    This morning at 4:30 I went out stalking with my dad smithp18. We were on the search for Roe Bucks and knew where some were working for previous recons. The cover was high and spotting deer was very difficult . We were sat in a wood for 45 minutes knowing where there was a Buck but no luck, so we slowly moved down to the end of the wood creeping to the fence line. We heard two Bucks barking in a little strip across from the wood we were in then my dad climbed over the fence and I were half way and he whispered stop and I got down off the fence, he whispered theirs a buck there so I ducked down it was about 250 yards away, I slowly climbed over the fence, then I saw this buck in its red y brown coat, we slowly crawled our way towards big oak tree using the truck to hide us supplying us with cover to get closer, the wind was good so the buck wouldn't spot us. then my dad and I waited for the buck to come along the fence line, when it was at about about 80 yards broad side on my dad who had sent me up said take your time the shot is on and we knew it was going to jump over a fence to investigate what we think was another buck. I slowly squeezed the trigger we both saw the front legs kick and it ran about 30 yards then came to a sudden holt and did a drunken wobble for about 5 seconds then dropped. We approached to find it Lung/heart shot
    Under guidance from my dad I did the field work, I have seen a few time the dvds on how to do this bu the in practice it is much harder
    I completed the larder work also at home and the buck is now in the chiller beats going to school please don't tell anyone.
    Jayb I would have rung you but it was 06:30 and the last time we woke you up you did not look to pleased.
    Who my hair is off so I could see the deer this time, sorry no photos dad messed the camera up.

    Seb sunny Lancs.

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    Nice one Seb, and nicely written


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    Well, I have to add did every thing to the letter wiith a little help and puts pen to paper much better than me well done.

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    Yes it does young man!

    Well done on the stalk and the write up, however we old farts need pictures!



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    Well done Seb,great write up

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    Well done Seb, I'm sure JAYB would have been ok with it, after all, it was before 6am that we (Well, your Dad) woke him the last time....

    Good write up, well done on doing the gralloch, you'll be Level 2 before you know it. Take your Mum next time, hopefully she will manage the camera trickery stuff.

    Good on you too Phil, must be a pleasure teaching, watching kids develope in a passion you both share.

    All the best to you all.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Well done Seb, excellent result and great write up!

    Although I think your dad should compensate you for the loss of photos....


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    Nice account Seb, i bet your still smiling now


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    well done Seb hope you have many more,and its nice to know the sun shines on that side of the hill all the best to you and your dad,your right it beats school

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    Good work Seb, and very nicely written. looking forward to meeting you and your parents.

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