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Thread: 6.5, 129 gr hornady interbond

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    6.5, 129 gr hornady interbond

    Does anyone have any experience of these bullets?

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    Do the interbond not have a plastic tip?

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    I am, in my 6.5x55, not sure about velocity, probably in the 2,800's.

    Relatively small sample, 4 Sika only I think.

    Performance has been excellent. I deliberately took shoulder and chest shots. Full penetration, good exit wound about 25mm in diameter.

    There was a fair bit of bloodshot meat on the entry side, and extensive damage to the heart and lungs.

    All four dead within 10 yards, which is good for chest shot Sika. I will use them all winter to see how they perform.

    If in any doubt though, I'll revert to 120gr BT's which are an excellent and reliable performer.

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    Have used the 165g interbonds in a 300wsm; 10yard rule holds out .....except for one little pumba which ran all the way home (shot placement, rather than bullet issue)

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    What are you planning to chase this time, that makes you think of the interbonds?

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    Struggled with 129 in my 6.5, settled on 140gr gamekings. Also had issues with interbonds either didn't open much or blew up. Never had that issue with gamekings.

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    Used to use 129gr SST in my old 6.5x55 with good results and used interbonds in a 300 win mag which performed better than gamekings. So going back to a 55 was thinking of giving these a go.

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    If it works use it and in reality every bullet will have its day. If you are confident shooting it it counts. I have found GK work in my rifles so have stuck with them. i have heard some say they are thinner jacketed but as I don't push then hard not had issues. They have performed well on everything I have shot including big reds out to 280m. I know some swear by SST's and to be honest my experience is in 308 with them but did have more damage and occasional fragmentation that I stopped using them and went to 150gr GK. it's personal choice in my 6.5 I now only load 140gr as it works if 129gr floats your boat then try them.


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