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Thread: 16 bore bismuth cartridges

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    16 bore bismuth cartridges

    Good morning everyone!

    This is a long shot but does anyone happen to have some Eley bismuth 16-bore cartridges kicking about unused? Before I commit to spending £40 a box I thought I'd first check whether I can help anyone free up some space...


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    Yes. I have! Eley Grand Prix 16 bore bismuth #7 shot. Collect from Leicester Forest East Services on the M1. I've three boxes, but will keep one for that time I'll never have, on the duck. £25.00 a box. So two boxes = £50.00.

    If PM isn't interested, and he has first refusal so can he post a Yea or Nay here, then if anyone else wants them please also respond.

    And they really are #7 so I am guessing that this was an idea that Eley had for snipe or woodcock shooting over wetlands? But at twenty to thirty yards they'll kill any duck.

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    I just looked at the price of bismuth shot: £61 per kg (from Clay & Game). For a 1 oz load, that's a home-loading cost of around £43 per 25 cartridges for shot alone, before you add in any other components, let alone time.
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    Hello Enfieldspares. Thanks but in the end I ordered some Eley VIP bismuth No4s. As you suggest, 7 is perhaps a bit light...

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    Thanks PM. If anyone else reading this thread wants them please let me know. They may be too light for duck but should be good, where required, for woodcock or snipe.

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    Have you still got these? I know this thread is a bit old now but would be interested in a box.

    I visit Shepshed a couple of times a month.


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